JIXE stands for JOY, INNOVATION, EXCITEMENT and ENTERTAINMENT. Each one of them has their own place and their own unique contribution to the company. We follow these four standards in the work we do as if it is our motto.



The main objective for any event planned or organized by us is to make it joyous and refreshing. We work on making you happy, as that in turn makes us joyous.



Innovation is the most important part of our work ethic. Our whole design formula is oriented on creativity and modernization, spiced up with innovation.



Each and every event that we execute is exciting, unique and, most importantly, memorable.



Events are meant to be exciting and entertaining. But for these two, any event becomes spice-less and lackluster! So, we prefer to go by the universal trend!

No matter what your requirements or your expectations are, our work ethic primarily lies in gaining an elaborate understanding of your business objectives and how you work, what your hopes are like and what we can do to deliver the results that overtake your expectations by leaps and bounds.

We are not only flexible but also cost effective as well. We know money is important, for you and also for us. So we value your hard-earned money. We treat your event like it is ours, offering you with solutions and innovations that you would hardly find anywhere else.

We create inspiring, exhilarating celebrations for the most significant events of your life!

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The Founder


“ Nurtured in the so-called glamourous film industry, Jeremy had already been freelancing for TV Commercials since college. After graduating, he moved into making movies, dramas and documentaries. With his experience in art direction and producing sets for the filming industry, he then ventured into the events industry, where he is today, organising launch parties, corporate gimmicks, annual dinners, road shows, and many more. ”


Event planning is what we do at JIXE and we are the best at it. We love to plan and organize events for you and we also take care of the fact that you love it too. We are awesome at planning any type of event and we strive to offer unique, meaningful and memorable events whenever you turn to us.

We want each of our clients to have an unforgettable experience every time in terms of a worry-free, relaxed and a beautiful event. Be a guest at your own event and let us handle everything from the word ‘go’! Since we came into being, we have continuously strived towards excellence and flawless execution of events.

Jeremy, the founder of JIXE, being an experienced veteran in event planning himself, supports the fact that we need to break barriers to go that extra mile! And we blindly follow that.

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